Video of Angkor Wat Archaeological Site

If you haven’t been sucked into the crowd of people who only care about the latest technologies and trends and somehow, history and the ancient world fascinate you, Angkor Wat is one of the places you must see. I’ve seen the Parthenon and the Coliseum. I’ve seen Chichen Itza. I’ve seen the Western Wall. The Khmer ruins in Cambodia are by far the most impressive historical structures I have ever seen.

Yes, I realize that they are only half as old as some of the places I just mentioned, but they are honestly twice as impressive. On sheer volume alone, Angkor Wat is worth the trip. With hundreds of temples, it isn’t like the one loop you take around the Coliseum or most other buildings. You can spend weeks seeing new sites. In addition, one of the best parts (short-term interest) is the lax security. You can climb and explore almost wherever you want, especially in the less popular temples. Of course, in the long-term, this will degrade the ruins faster and lead to their destruction, but humans only think in the short-term.

Check out this video I put together of my time exploring the temples in August 2016:

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