Video of Our Journey Through Northern Vietnam

This video captures my travels through Northern Vietnam, mostly following my 500 mile motorbike ride through the Ha Giang Province. Make sure you set the Youtube viewing quality to HD if it isn’t clear for you! It is a truly amazing motorbike loop, through the depths of rural villages and unbelievable mountain ranges. In addition, I would dare to say that the terraced rice fields and farms along this route were more incredible than the ones in Sa Pa.

Most of the video is actually filmed on my iPhone 6. I used a bandanna to strap my phone to the front of my helmet and wore it for various sections of the motorbike loop. Unfortunately, I was unaware that iMovie does not allow portrait style videos to be edited; so, all of my driving videos have been cropped into a square by the program and cut off part of the epic scenery. I won’t make this mistake for the next video! If anyone knows a work-around or a better program to use, please let me know.

Places to Visit in Northern Vietnam

My stops in Northern Vietnam included Ninh Binh, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Bao Lac, Ba Be Lake, and Sa Pa. If you are traveling through Vietnam, I would recommend allocating a bit more time in the North than in the South. It was my favorite part of Vietnam!

The weather is a bit cooler than Central Vietnam, Hanoi is way more culturally significant and interesting than Ho Chi Minh City, and the rural communities of the northern mountains are provide unique experiences for travelers. Don’t miss out on visiting the various locations in the Ha Giang Province or the homestay experience in Sa Pa.

Please let me know if you have any questions or your own tips regarding Northern Vietnam or the Ha Giang Bike Loop.

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