Free Chrome Plugins: Modernize Your Browser Experience

One of the major developments to increase internet efficiency over the past few years is the use of browser plugins. In this article, I will review five free Chrome plugins that I highly recommend for everyone. Sometimes referred to as apps, extensions, or plugins, I will use the term plugin throughout this post.

First of all, congratulations to those of you who use Chrome as your primary internet browser. Since its release in 2008, Google Chrome has been taking the internet by storm. In seven years, Chrome has become the most used browser across all internet platforms (StatCounter, 2015).

Browser Market Map as of June 2015 (StatCounter)

Browser Market Map as of June 2015 (StatCounter)

Another data provider, w3schools, states that 68% of users on their website use Chrome. While I do think that Firefox is not far behind, Chrome has become the gold standard for modern browsers. Unless you are using another browser for work or a specific, essential function that only it provides, give Chrome a test run today.

The 5 free Chrome plugins every should use

The plugins on this list are not specific to any industry or type of person. I think they would be useful to just about everybody.

1) Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus Logo

Adblock Plus is a plugin that allows you to prevent annoying pop-ups and ads from displaying on almost every website – including Youtube and Facebook. It also has a ton of other features like filtered ad lists, disabled tracking, disabled malware domains, and more. Adblock is so good at what it does, that it actually may be facing lawsuits from various companies that generate revenue from the very ads getting blocked. Microsoft and Google are just some of the tech giants annoyed by this amazing plugin. Get Adblock Plus here.

AdBlock Plus Options

2) Honey

Honey Plugin Icon

Honey is a plugin that is built to save you money. The same day that I downloaded this little gem I saved $32 on my annual hosting plan for this website. Honey automatically recognizes whatever e-commerce website you are on and locates coupon codes to get you discounts. The plugin also automatically tests different coupon codes to find you the best deal. When you reach the checkout screen of the site you are on, the “try codes” button will appear and you can initiate the scan for the best deal. This plugin is really a must-have for internet shoppers. Get Honey Here.

Honey Plugin in Action

3) Gmail Offline

gmail Offline Logo

This plugin is only relevant to those of you who use Gmail for your primary email service. It allows users to manage an offline environment for their Gmail account, enabling mail to be read, drafted, searched, and archived without internet access. Upon gaining internet access, the offline environment will automatically sync with your Gmail account and initiate any queued actions. If you are somebody who travels a lot, works in remote areas, or just has intermittent access to internet, this is the perfect plugin for you.   As somebody who is about to travel through Asia for several months, I will be using this very often. Get Gmail Offline Here.


4) LastPass


Similar to other plugins like 1Password and Keeper, LastPass remembers all of your passwords and utilizes one master password to access all of your online services. A couple of years ago, I am embarrassed to say, I created an Excel document (password protected, of course) that held links to all of my online services with the username and password for each. I easily had over 50 different services with logins. Now, it can be easy enough to use the same credentials for all of these services, given that they have the same character rules for usernames and passwords, but that is not secure at all. With LastPass, you can make every single service have a unique password and you only need to remember one! As more and more services gravitate toward online environments, LastPass and similar services are a must have. Get LastPass Here.

LastPass In Action

5) Momentum

Momentum Icon

Momentum is my personal favorite. If you are a creative person, are into photography, or just enjoy beautiful images, you will love this plugin. Every day, Momentum will set a new, amazingly high-def photo as your new tab background for your browser.  Without fail, every time somebody is watching me do something on my computer and I open a new tab, he/she always asks me how I got that amazing photo as my background. The answer is Momentum. The plugin also aims to increase your efficiency and help you accomplish goals by providing bookmarks, a to-do list, daily goals and more; but, what stands out most to me about this plugin are the stunning images that brighten my day. Get Momentum Here.

Momentum in Action

What plugins to you use?

I am always looking for new plugins to use. Do you have any plugins that you recommend? Please share below!

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