Food in Hanoi

Some of the best food we had in Vietnam was in Hanoi. We had everything from fried pigeon and bun cha to pho bo and banh cuon. Check out some of the images in the slideshow below of the food in Hanoi.

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Some of the best places we tried were Bun Cha Dac Kim and Ban Dat 49. Those places had the best bun cha and pho, respectively. I didn’t get a chance to try Bun Cha Huong Lien, which is the bun cha restaurant that Anthony Bordain took President Obama to this summer. We will save that for next time!

Trying New Food in Hanoi

There were a few different foods in Hanoi that I was a little skeptical about trying (though not as skeptical as the boiled duck fetus I had in Ho Chi Minh City). I think the weirdest thing I ate was the fried pigeon. In America, pigeons are always hanging around highway underpasses and big cities. They are known to be flying rats of the cities – not something I would ever consider eating.

The restaurant we went to was called Cha Ca La Vong, I believe. It was delicious. The skin was crisped to perfection and the meat was rich. There wasn’t too much meet on it and it was rather expensive, but worth trying. I also cracked open the head and ate the brain! Not too bad, actually.

Egg coffee at Cafe Giang was also a new food that I had never tried. If you have ever added a lot of heavy whipping cream to a coffee drink, you can probably imagine what adding whipped egg is like. It tastes like a dessert. I can see how these would become a daily habit – and not a healthy one! It is probably a good thing that we don’t have these in America.

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