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Out of all the countries I have visited and foods I have tried in Asia, Cambodian food is the cuisine that I gained the least experienced with. I was only in Cambodia for less than two weeks, but I feel like I tried even less local meals than that my time provided. Maybe I just forgot to take pictures, who knows. You can see some of the Cambodian food I had in the gallery below:

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My Thoughts on Cambodian Food

Trying new foods from different cultures is always one of, if not thee best, part of traveling to a different country or region. Compared to its immediate neighbors Vietnam, Thailand, and even Laos, Cambodia was a little underwhelming on the food front.

Most of the dishes lacked a certain level of sophistication that you find in Thai food and Vietnamese food. Cambodian food was still delicious, but in a more simple way. Many meals consisted of chopped up meat and rice. The traditional beef dish called Lok Lak was one of my favorites. You can see it picture above in the gallery.

My other favorite meal I tried was Cambodian Pho. When I first ordered it from the restaurant near my hostel, I thought it was Vietnamese. But when the waiter brought it out I asked him and he explained to me that it was Cambodian style noodle soup. It was better than some of the Pho I had in Vietnam – definitely worth a try if you are in Phnom Penh!

Lastly, another staple of my diet in Cambodia was the local curries. The sweet coconut-based curries over rice were a nice change from some of the spicier Lao dishes I had the weeks before. I wish I had tried a few more of the local red curry dishes. Some day I will be back to try more of the traditional specialties, but until then, if you have comments or anything to share about Khmer food please comment below!

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